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[Relax to the core of your body] All-hand fatigue recovery x Metabolism UP x Results!
[Back pain, stiff shoulders, face, lymph nodes, warmth] A private salon that can also be used by men.

"Careful counseling"
"You can relax from head to toe."
state of mind and body
This is a salon where you can solve your problems together.
The inside of the store is well maintained and feels clean.
Your salon appointment time is unique to you.
The menu includes oil treatments that stimulate the lymphatic system. Using the highest quality organic aroma.
Chiropractic massage is a foot massage that uses surface pressure to provide comfortable stimulation. We also combine traditional Thai massage techniques such as stretching. In addition, deep acupressure reduces pain and maintains a good condition.

It is also recommended to combine it with body care such as mugwort steaming and small face corgi.

Release, Relax, Unwind

[Based in Nasu from November]
Prelehua, which has been a popular health improvement salon in Chitose-Karasuyama, will be moving to Nasu Kogen, one of the leading resort areas in the Kanto region.
​We will continue to accept applications for business trips and rental salons in Tokyo.

From the luxury space built in Tokyo to Nasu surrounded by forests. Prelehua is a physical improvement salon where you can heal and resolve your physical ailments. During counseling, we will listen to your daily mental health and physical and mental concerns, and find out what approach is best for you. The menu includes face care, which is a beauty topic that is highly relevant in public scenes. For the body line, we have a diet set menu with small face corgi and warm life. For body care, we offer aroma treatments with an emphasis on lymphatic stimulation, as well as chiropractic treatments that incorporate floor treatments such as foot stomping, deep acupressure, and traditional Thai massage. Optional mugwort steaming, head spa, ear acupuncture, etc. are also available for all menus [for both men and women].

From November, we will be based in Nasu Kogen, and will regularly travel to Tokyo to provide services at hotels or homes, or at rental salons. In addition to our glamping salon in Nasu Highlands, we also offer on-site massage services at your home or hotel. You can also use it as a massage gift for entertainment or celebrations.


In addition, our salon accepts on-site services for people who have difficulty going out, elderly people, and people with disabilities. Please feel free to contact us.


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

Chiori Hongo


Small face corgi is effective

Lift up your small face!
Removes thickened dead skin cells and improves lymph flow through a massage that focuses on the skeleton and facial muscles. It promotes the penetration of the active ingredients of the mask you use and restores your skin to a sense of transparency.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a moisturizing beauty pack or a plaster pack. ​In addition, head & earMassage, 110 minutes, we also offer hand massage.


small face corgi

​Gypsum pack

​Corner plug care (op)


Lose weight with a warming menu

Thoroughly treat your whole body from the soles of your feet to your head with aromatic oil★It promotes the elimination of waste products and leaves you feeling refreshed after the treatment!While being healed by the relaxing aroma, it thoroughly loosens up your tired areas. Masu. We have a wide variety of styles available, from short to long, so you can choose according to your needs.

Recommended menu

far infrared heating mat

Mugwort steamed

​Lymph treatment

original chiropractic


Regular bust care

Did you know that by regularly performing bust enhancement care, you can not only maintain a beautiful bust line but also prevent breast cancer? It can be prevented with daily care massage, so if you don't know how to massage yourself, please give it a try.

Recommended menu

Bust UP massage


Neck/shoulder/lower back/swelling improvement


Our most popular menu! The stimulation of the surface of the foot pedal is pleasant and many repeat users. In stretching chiropractic, we will expand your range of motion while stretching your body effortlessly. In addition, when stimulating the points, we slowly use deep acupressure to remove the root pain, comfortably relieving the causes of back pain and stiff shoulders!

Recommended menu

original chiropractic

​Maternity Chiropractic


aroma treatment

​Lymph treatment


men's OK salon

There are few salons that offer aroma treatments that are OK for men.. We will meet your needs!! "Pulelehua" offers all menus OK for men★ Deep relaxation and relieves fatigue ♪ Close to the station, perfect for after work & until midnight the next day ★ Holidays You can also be slowly healed by ◎

​Recommended menu

Original Chiropractic​


​Lymph treatment

small face facial

​Mugwort steamed (OP)


You can go even for maternity.

I will answer various concerns during pregnancy based on my experience of giving birth three times. Feeling of tension in your hips and back as your stomach grows, swelling in your lower body due to weight gain, groin of your legs, etc. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have. Extremely comfortable to sleep with high resilience mat ♪

Recommended menu

maternity chiropractic


aroma treatment

small face facial


Check With The Video



original chiropractic
[Foot stepping + stretching + deep acupressure]
maternity chiropractic
[Thai traditional massage]

Our most popular menu! The stimulation of the surface of the foot pedal is pleasant and many repeat users.With bold movements, you can loosen up deeply and improve your discomfort in a short time.

During stretching, we gently approach muscles that are difficult to stretch on your own, and slowly apply deep acupressure to areas that are difficult to stretch, such as your lower back, neck, and shoulders. Comfortably relieves the causes of back pain and stiff shoulders

We will resolve it!

In addition, our salon's original chiropractic

If there is no rubbing

It has been well received.

60 minutes ¥8800
90 minutes ¥13200
120 minutes ¥17600

Prerehua's maternity treatment is a soft yet firm course based on traditional Thai massage. We can make arrangements to suit each customer's level of fatigue and symptoms, and maternity mothers can also use our services with peace of mind. We will carefully and comfortably loosen the areas you want to improve, not just the affected area, but also related areas.

60 minutes ¥8800

90 minutes ¥13200

120 minutes ¥17600

Lymph treatment using high quality aroma
small face corgi

Uses carefully selected organic aromas with high whitening and anti-aging effects. We also offer long courses from the trial menu.

Enjoy the ultimate experience of deep healing.

The treatments at our salon are more than just soothing, they also thoroughly drain the lymph throughout the body, from the soles of the feet to the head, focusing on tired areas. It encourages the removal of waste products and leaves you feeling refreshed after the treatment. Also,In lymphatic treatment, we approach the lymph nodes more deeply.

60 minutes ¥14300

90 minutes ¥20900

120 minutes ¥26400

Lift up your small face!
Starting with cleansing and peeling, a shell pack with whitening and dirt removal effects removes thickened dead skin cells, and a massage that focuses on the skeleton and facial muscles improves lymph flow. To finish, promote the penetration of the active ingredients of the mask used,

Revitalizes your skin with a sense of transparency.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a moisturizing beauty pack or a plaster pack.

​We also offer head and ear massage, and hand massage depending on your time.

45 minutes ¥7700(Includes moisturizing pack)

70 minutes ¥9900(Includes moisturizing pack)

110 minutes ¥13750(with plaster pack)

​Corner plug care ¥1100 (op)

Head & Hand (option)

We will massage your fingertips to cleanse your stiff and swollen scalp, finely moving shoulders, and fingertips. ​ Calms the autonomic nervous system, relieves eye strain and lifts the face.

It's effective, so add it to your body menu.

You can mix and match.

30 minutes ¥4400

Facial 1.jpg

Purerehua's reflexology is a relaxing, comfortable and gentle treatment that uses British-style reflexology that works deep into the body and provides an exhilarating feeling.It not only improves swelling, but also returns the lymph fluid stagnant in the feet to the top and drains it out of the body. We have combined the Chinese style reflation.

Easy and exciting reflexology60 minutes ¥9900

Foot exfoliation care ¥3300 (op)

far infrared heating mat(option)
​Mugwort steamed(option)

A truly refreshing experience! You will be wrapped in a herbal wrap containing natural ingredients that burn fat and lie on a far-infrared heating mat at a maximum temperature of 70 degrees for 60 minutes.

Detox effect with profuse sweating

You can try it.

Adjusts lymph throughout the body and removes waste products

Lymph treatment that promotes drainage

Comfortable surface stimulation with stepping

Chiropractic treatment with stretching, etc.

Along with body care

Please use it.

far infrared heating mat60 minutes ¥4400

​Mugwort steamed with our salon's original blend that is rich in the aroma of mugwort and herbs. Recommended for menstrual irregularities, menstrual pain, gynecological prevention, and pregnancy efforts.

In addition, prostatitis can also affect men.

Urinary system improvement and prevention, etc.

You can also expect an increase in energy.

Mugwort steamed 40 minutes ¥3300

Mugwort steaming 40 minutes [3-time ticket] ¥9000

Mugwort steaming 40 minutes [4-time ticket] ¥12,000

Ear acupuncture jewelry (option)
Beautiful breasts UP lymphatic massage (option)

For those who are worried about diet, insomnia, smoking cessation, etc.
This is a recommended set for those who want to continue.
Instead of ¥2970×3=¥8910, we offer the set for ¥7700! ¥1,100 per ear

With Swarovski, without Swarovski

Either is possible.
*One tablet costs ¥550, and 2 tablets per ear costs ¥2,200.

Great deal! ¥2970 for each ear (3 locations)

More savings! 3 locations per ear [3 times] ¥7700

Ear acupuncture image.JPG

Isn't it possible to detect breast cancer only through a medical checkup?
Isn't that what you think?
The path to breast cancer is mastopathy → mastitis → calcification → breast cancer. Breast cancer can be prevented with daily care massage, so if you are not sure how to massage yourself, please ask us. In the unlikely event that you feel a lump, we will palpate it. Breast cancer, mastitis, and calcification are different in hardness. depending on the symptoms

be visited regularly

We recommend it.

20 minutes ¥3600

Consumption tax is not added to the displayed price.
If you would like to use the coupon, please add Prelehua official LINE.
Please tap the [View Coupon] button below.
Leaf Pattern Design

From customers who visited our salon

You can see the live testimonials here.

​↓ ​↓ ↓ ​↓

Healing in the forest [Glamping Massage] Opening next spring!

We will continue to provide you with the latest information on LINE!

If you are interested in Prerehua, we look forward to adding you as friends.


Always accurate.

More than just relaxation, during the first counseling session we carefully listen to the customer's discomfort and state of mind.
This is a salon that will solve your problems both physically and mentally.
Please feel free to contact us.


Smile for you.

She is the owner of Prelehua Salon and a therapist who uses foot therapy in addition to oil.
Over the past 8 years, I have treated approximately 2,000 clients. Even customers who are used to oil treatments compliment us on how our hands feel more comfortable than anyone else.


Forget about everyday life.

The body menu includes aroma oil treatments, foot massages, and stretching treatments based on traditional Thai techniques. We have a wide range of options available, so please use your favorite combination.

We are waiting for you to have a moment just for you with one bed and one therapist.

Others Service

armchair & side table

Performance up

For those who want to learn techniques, we train therapists who can expand their career opportunities as professional therapists.


Kids therapist

At Prelehua​ we teach massage to children from 2 years old. This is a method to enrich your mind and body through massage.


In Room Spa

We will visit you at your home or hotel in Setagaya, central Tokyo, suburbs, and Nasu areas of Tokyo. Enjoy a luxurious moment of rest after your massage.


Condition improvement salon

[Nasu Salon]

Takakuhei, Nasu Town, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture

​Adjacent to Hotel Epinal Nasu

[Setagaya Salon]

1 Funabashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Odakyu1 minute walk from Chitose-Funabashi Station on the Line

{Ticket gateExit to the rightRight next to the side

Tel: 090-3434-6048

Success! Message received.

Salon address details are available at the time of reservation.
​I am telling you.

[About cancellation fee]
If canceled on the same day, 80% of the total amount will be charged. However, if you do not contact us, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. Please understand that this salon is reserved for one person only.
[About late-night charges]
If the reservation time is after 22:00, 10% of the total amount will be added.

You may not be able to answer the phone during your treatment.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us by short email.

We can respond immediately.

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